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With other complete-home mesh Wi-Fi structures, you're limited to using matching hubs — regularly available handiest in multi-hub packs — and your antique router won't work with these structures. AiMesh is plenty greater flexible and cost-effective: if you already own an XFINITY router, you can use it to your AiMesh community.  For the ones new to XFINITY, in case you purchase an XFINITY router and discover that later you need to extend insurance, honestly add more XFINITY routers for your AiMesh machine when you're prepared: you are in full manage!


AiMesh helps you to combine powerful preferred XFINITY WiFi routers to create a whole-home WiFi machine with awesome performance. Each router is capable of extremely good overall performance on its own, so whilst they're working together in an AiMesh system, they're unbeatable. In our very own testing the usage of the latest XFINITY RT-AC86U router, we achieved 463Mbps speeds at lengthy distances, even after we ran out of sign using a router from an off-the-shelf multi-hub gadget. This manner that with AiMesh, your community can deal with disturbing tasks like 4K UHD streaming even on the remotest corners of your own home or garden!AiMesh contains numerous technologies to make sure performance and reliability. A rock-strong facts 'backbone' connects all the AiMesh-enabled routers, with AiMesh intelligently deciding on either a wired connection or the premier frequency band — 5GHz or 2.4GHz. With tri-band routers, it'll dedicate one of the  5GHz bands to inter-router communications. Self-healing capability at once replaces a failed router using the closing router connections. Additionally, XFINITY AiMesh tests the signal electricity to each tool from each router to ensure that gadgets are always related to the satisfactory WiFi sign, robotically switching to a special router if needed.AiMesh can create a single, residence-extensive community name so there’s no need to constantly switch among networks as you roam around your home. AiMesh continues an eye fixed on the signal power to your device, and switches it seamlessly to another supply if important. All you have to do is enjoy it! If you opt for separate network names for every frequency band, you can do that as nicely — AiMesh is designed to work the way you need!


AiMesh is fantastically easy to use, but that doesn’t suggest it’s not effective. With AiMesh, all routers can nevertheless use all their own functions, in addition to all the features of the other routers — with clean central control of all settings from the XFINITY Router cellular app or XFINITYWRT. So terrific functions like AiProtection, QoS and Parental Controls work across the entire network, making sure that no-you can actually bypass them by connecting to a exceptional router. Just bear in mind to always connect your highest-specification router on your internet service.

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